The AMX240 is a full-featured audio source selector panel, intercom, and Marker Beacon receiver that provides outstanding features and sound quality, while incorporating Avidyne’s legendary “Flying Made Simple” user interface.

MSRP $2,388.00

IFD440 FMS / GPS Navigator

The IFD 440 is a compact, yet powerful FMS / GPS NAV / COM for general aviation and helicopters. As a direct slide-in upgrade, the IFD440 can be installed using the same tray and connectors as the GNS430. Easy-to-use touchscreen interface with knobs and buttons including WiFi/Bluetooth® capabilities.

MSRP $12,000.00

IFD540 FMS / GPS Navigator

The IFD 540 FMS / GPS / NAV / COM features a 5.7” touchscreen Page & Tab interface, knobs and buttons, Synthetic Vision, WiFi/Bluetooth, CMax™ Jeppesen Electronic Charts and more. It’s simple navigation right at your fingertips.

MSRP $15,333.00

Avidyne’s top-of-the-line FMS / GPS Navigator, the IFD550 combines the latest touchscreen WAAS / SBAS / GPS / VHF navigation and communication with 3D SVS technology.

MSRP $21,999.00